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Heliamphora nutans (Giant Form) - Mericlone

Heliamphora nutans (Giant Form)

Much bigger and easier than the typical form. It’s not really clear, where these plants originate. They were grown in the Oxford botanical garden (UK) for decades but apparently nobody still knows, where the mother plants were collected.
Nowadays it's believed that Heliamphora nutans "Giant" is in fach a natural hybrid of Heliamphora nutand and Heliamphora glabra and so, it's no surprse that the offspring oes not fall true from seeds - many seedlings looked different from the mother plants.

We can now offer the real thing!

New for 2019!

Young plants from mericloning.


In contrast to many other Heliamphoras these plants tolerate higher temperatures and as such are ideal beginners plants. The plants can be grown in various peaty mixes, however many growers prefer pure living Shagnum-moss. In recent times dead Sphagnum of very high quality from Chile and New-Zealand became widely available. A mix of such moss with horticultural-grade Perlite, a bit of good quality peat-moss and pinebark-choppings makes an excellent mix. However, when using Sphagnum, it’s important to allow for a good drainage as otherwise, Sphagnum has the tendency to rot quickly. Please note, that all Heliamphoras require good illumination. They can, however easily be grown indoors under fluorescent tubes as long as they are close to the lights and temparature requirements can be met. Many growers in fact prefer to grow them in terrariums under fluorescent tubes from cultivatiing Heliamphora in the greenhouse.