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Heliamphora collina (Foothills Testigos)

The first record for this species dates back to 1986, when Otto Huber collected the type specimen of this taxon which was, however, classified as H. heterodoxa and filed as such in the Caracas herbarium.
After having done field studies of this taxon, Heliamphora collina was formally described by Andreas Wistuba, Joachim Nerz, Stewart McPherson and Andreas Fleischmann in 2011. Heliamphora collina is fairly widespread on the common base oft he four Tepuis oft he Los Testigos massif and surrounding lower Tepuis and hills in an altitude of 1700 to 1850 meters.
Heliamphora collina seems to be related to H. folliculata. It can, however easily distinguished from Heliamphora folliculata by the lack of the characteristic follicle of the nectarspoon, a unique characteristic of H. folliculata within the whole genus. In contrary, the nectar spoons are relatively small. The pitcher is less cylindricthan and more upright than the pitcher of H. folliculata.
The specific epithet collina refers tot he colline to submontane habitat of this plant on the foothills of the Los Testigos area where this plant occurs.
It looks like the little sister of Heliamphora folliculata. A tiny and cute species that lacks some of the characteristics of H. folliculata, such as the typical bubble. Might be a "missing link" between H. heterodoxa and H. folliculata.

Nice and easy plants.



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