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Heliamphora ceracea (Cerro Neblina, Braz. Ven.)

Heliamphora neblinae

A wonderful species!
It seems to e the closest relative of the famous Heliamphora macdonaldae!
The species is notable for it's waxy and hairless interior pitcher surface with big nectar glands along the veins.
Just described.

Very limited supply!

Heliamphora ceracea was observed for the first time in 1998 and was formally described in 2011 by J. Nerz, A. Wistuba, R. Grantsau, F. Rivadavia, A. Fleischmann, and S. McPherson.
The pitchers are 20-30 cm long, ventricose in the lower part, slightly waisted in the middle and infundibulate towards the mouth. The inner surface of the upper part is completely glabrous covered by a waxy layer. This waxy surface bears prominent clusters of large nectar glands, a characteristic which has not been found in any other species oft he genus. The only other species that has completely glabrous interior oft he pitcher opening is Heliamphora macdonaldae, which may represent the closest relative of H. ceracea.
The specific epithet ceracea is derived from the Latin cera (wax) and refers tot he glabrous waxy surface oft he interior upper parts oft he pitcher opening.