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Heliamphora macdonaldae - waiting list

Heliamphora macdonaldae - Coming 2018

The waiting List for H. macdonaldae has been reopened!
I had to close the list last year after being active only a short time, since the demand was so big and I did not want to pile up a number of preorders that probably would take years to fulfill.
Now, after the first plants are ready to be shipped when the weather cools down (October) and I have solved some of the initial proplems in propagation of this wonderful plant, I feel confident to accept more pre-orders.

How does it work?
By selecting, you will be added to the list. This offer is not binding for both sides. Once the plants are ready I will send you an offer. You may either decide to accept the quote or decline. If you do not accept, another person on the list will be offered this individual plant. We will work on the registrations top down for as many plants that we can offer. Please be aware that the number of plants offered will be limited and I expect a high demand. The sooner you add your name to the list, the better are the chances to get an offer soon.

Juvenile plant - EUR 200,-
Plant that has switched to adult leaves - EUR 250,-

Since it is hard to predict the numbers I have for both sizes, it's not possible to preselect. I'll offer what is available.


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Available for shipping in spring 2019 after winter break.