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Ant Ferns

Ant Ferns

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Ant Plants (Rubiaceae)

Ant Plants (Rubiaceae)

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Myrmecodia lamii (Lake Habbema, Irian Jaya)

Huge, old plant.

A genus of epiphytic ant plants. They occur in Southeast Asia and and Australia. Myrmecodia plants often grow as epiphytes but some, such as M. lamii grow as litophytes or terrestric. Plants develop a caudex from hypocotyl that is fuctions as a dormatium (=ant-house) for ants.

Myr. spec. white petioles (Nabire, Irian Jaya) One of the most beutiful species of the genus! From the Myrmecodia erinacea / Myrmecodia alata complex. It's notable for its white petioles and for blueish flowers which it shares with other member... 30,00 EUR

Myrmecodia beccarii Succulent leaves. Very nice. 20,00 EUR

Myrmecodia beccarii (Hull River, Australia) Succulent leaves. Very nice. 30,00 EUR

Myrmecodia schlechteri (Gurupoka, PNG) 30,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. "Elongated" (Sulawesi) Very nice! 30,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. "Spiny, Pink Fruit" 20,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. Central Luzon 20,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. Central Sulawesi 20,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. Dinagat, Mindanao A wonderful species! 30,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. lanceolate leaves (Doormans Top) This species is always growing as an epiphyte in the most exposed areas of the highest trees. Plants hang down, only attached y their main root. Note the long lanceolate leaves. Very limited supply! 50,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. nov. (Irian Jaya) I considered this to be M. jobiensis until we found the "real" M. jobiensis. Thespecies offered ... 20,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. nov. (Mt. Kaindi, PNG) New undescribed species. Only few seedlings available! Unlike most other species of Myrmecodia, t... 75,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. Siasiada (PNG) 40,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. Sidole (Sulawesi) 30,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. Triton Bay (Irian Jaya) A species from the Myrmecodia alata complex. Very long and hanging leaves. Absolutely stunning. ... 30,00 EUR