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Nepenthes fallax (Bareo)

You can directly order through this list-based menu, without knowing specifically, where a certain plant comes from or whether it's a highland or lowland grower.

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For different sizes please check the various items

Anthorrhiza bracteosa (Normanby, PNG) (Ant_bract) 50,00 EUR

Anthorrhiza chrysacantha (Mt. Kaindi, PNG) (Ant_chrys) 150,00 EUR

Anthorrhiza recurvispina (?) (Missima Island, PNG) (Ant_rec_mis) 50,00 EUR

H. (heterodoxa x ionasi) x minor var. pilosa (02) (Hx_(hj)Xminpil02) 40,00 EUR

H. (heterodoxa x minor) x neblinae JN (Hx_(hXm)XnebJN) 30,00 EUR

H. arenicola x ceracea (Hx_areniXcer) 20,00 EUR

H. exappendiculata (Apr) x ionasi (4) (Hx_exaAprXion4) 30,00 EUR

H. exappendiculata (Araop) x ionasi (Killer) (Hx_exaArXionKil) 30,00 EUR

H. huberi (Ang) x (parva x neblinae) (Hx_hubAX(parXneb)) 45,00 EUR

H. huberi (Anga) x ionasi (H_hubA_X_ionK) 30,00 EUR

H. ionasi "Elegance" (H_ion_ELG) 150,00 EUR

H. ionasi "Zappergeck" (H_ion_ZAP) 150,00 EUR

H. ionasi "Zappergeck" (H_ion_ZAP) 150,00 EUR

H. ionasi ("Killer" / "Red Giant") (H_ion_RG) 150,00 EUR

H. ionasi ("Killer" / "Red Giant") (H_ion_RG) 150,00 EUR

H. ionasi (Killer/RG) x parva (hairy) (Hx_ionRGXparvH) 60,00 EUR

H. ionasi (RG) x minor var. pilosa (1) - Sel 1 (Hx_ionrgXminp(1)-01) 40,00 EUR

H. minor var. pilosa "Red" (Auyan) (H_min_pil_Red_A) 100,00 EUR

H. neblinae JN x minor pilosa (Auyan) (Hx_nebJNXminPil) 30,00 EUR

H. parva (hairy) x ceracea (Hx_parvH_X_cer) 30,00 EUR

H. pulchella (Churi) x minor v. pilosa (02) (Hx_pulCHXminpil02) 30,00 EUR

H. purpurascens (big) x ionasi (small) (h_purpG_X_ionK) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora "Black Cherry" (H_BC) 40,00 EUR

Heliamphora "Godzilla" (H_gdz) 80,00 EUR

Heliamphora "Peter Pan" (H_pepan) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora "Spiderweb" (H_Spider) 100,00 EUR

Heliamphora arenicola (Tramen Tepui) (H_areni) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora ceracea (Cerro Neblina, Braz. Ven.) (H_cer) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora chimantensis (Chimanta, Venezuela) (H_chim) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora collina (Foothills Testigos) (H_col) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora elongata (Ilu Tepui) (H_elong) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora exappendiculata (Apc.) - "Ewok" (H_ex_apc_EWK) 40,00 EUR

Heliamphora folliculata (Aparaman Tepui, Ven.) (H_fol_a) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora glabra (S. Do Sol, Guyana) (H_glab_Sum) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora heterodoxa x ionasii (Hx_hXj) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora hispida (Cerro Neblina, Venezuela) (H_his) 15,00 EUR

Heliamphora huberi (Angasima Tepui) (H_hub_Ang) 50,00 EUR

Heliamphora huberi x pulchella (Amuri Tepui) (Hx_hubXpulch_Am) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora macdonaldae (Cerro Duida, Venezuela) (H_mcd) 120,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor "Big Orange" (H_min_BO) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor "Burgundy-Black" (H_min_BB) 60,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor "Selection 1" (H_min_S1) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor "Selection 4" (H_min_S4) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor "Selection A" (H_min_SelA) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor "Velvet" (Luna Tepui, Venezuela) (H_min_Lun-Velv) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor (Auyan Tepui, Venezuela) (H_min) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora minor var. pilosa (Auyan) (H_min_pil_A) 50,00 EUR

Heliamphora neblinae (Avispa Venezuela) (H_neb_Av) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora neblinae (Cerro Neblina, Braz. Ven.) (H_neb_N) 15,00 EUR

Heliamphora nutans (Giant Form) - Mericlone (H_nutg_mc) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora nutans (Kukenan Tepui) (H_nutk) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora nutans (Yuruani Tepui) (H_nut_yur) 15,00 EUR

Heliamphora parva (Cerro Neblina) (H_parv) 50,00 EUR

Heliamphora parva clone 08/02 (Cerro Neblina) (H_parv_08/02) 75,00 EUR

Heliamphora parva clone 13/1 (Cerro Neblina) (H_parv_13/1) 50,00 EUR

Heliamphora pulchella (Akopan Tepui, Venezuela) (H_pulch_Ako) 10,00 EUR

Heliamphora pulchella (Apacapa Tepui, Venezuela) (H_pulchim) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora pulchella (Chimanta Tepui, Venezuela) (H_pulchim) 10,00 EUR

Heliamphora pulchella (Churi Tepui, Venezuela) (H_pulch_Chur) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora sarracenioides (Ptari, Ven.) (H_sar) 30,00 EUR

Heliamphora spec. nov. "Akopan" (H_spako) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora spec. nov. "Angasima" (H_spang) 20,00 EUR

Heliamphora tatei (Cerro Duida) (H_tatd) 50,00 EUR

Heliamphora uncinata (Amuri Tepui) (H_unc) 30,00 EUR

Lecanopteris carnosa (L_car) 20,00 EUR

Lecanopteris celebica (lcel) 15,00 EUR

Lecanopteris darnaedii (L_darn) 20,00 EUR

Lecanopteris holttumii (L_holt) 30,00 EUR

Lecanopteris lomarioides (llom) 10,00 EUR

Lecanopteris lomarioides (Modayag) (L_lom_Mod) 20,00 EUR

Lecanopteris luzonensis (L_luz) 20,00 EUR

Lecanopteris mirabilis (lmir) 20,00 EUR

Myrmecodia spec. lanceolate leaves (Doormans Top) (M_lanc_hang_Do) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes (burbidgeae x veitchii) x mollis (Nx_(burbXvei)Xmoll) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes (trunc x arist) x (thorelii x aristo) (Nx_(trXari)X(thXari)) 35,00 EUR

Nepenthes alba (gma) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes biak (Biak, Irian Jaya) (insbi) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes bicalcarata (Sipitang, Borneo) (N_bic) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes bongso (Gunung Merapi, Sumatra) (N_bong) 12,00 EUR

Nepenthes boschiana (Sakumbong) (N_bosch_SKB) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes burbidgeae (N_burb) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes burbidgeae x boschiana (Nx_burbXbosch) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes burbidgeae x lowii (Nx_burbXlow) 75,00 EUR

Nepenthes campanulata (N_camp) 25,00 EUR

Nepenthes carunculata (G. Sago) (N_carunc) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes carunculata var. robusta (Gunung Gadut) (N_carunc_r) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes ceciliae (Mindanao, Philippines) (N_cec) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes chaniana x Briggsiana (Nx_chanXbriggs) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes chaniana x petiolata (Nx_chanXpet) 75,00 EUR

Nepenthes chaniana x spectabilis (Giant Bandahara) (Nx_chanXspectBH) 25,00 EUR

Nepenthes clipeata (N_clip) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes copelandii x lowii (Nx_copXlow) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes cornuta (Mindanao, Philippines) (N_corn) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes deaniana (Thumbs Peak, Palawan) (N_dean) 25,00 EUR

Nepenthes densiflora (Sumatra) (N_dens) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes dubia (Gunugn Talamau, West Sumatra) (N_dub_T) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes dubia (Malea, Sumatra) (N_dub_M) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes edwardsiana (Tamb.) (N_ed_tb) 100,00 EUR

Nepenthes ephippiata (Gunung Rajah, Borneo) (N_ephi_R) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes ephippiata (Hose Mountains, Borneo) (N_ephi_HM) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes eymae (Sulawesi) (N_ey) 75,00 EUR

Nepenthes flava (Sumatra) (N_flav) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes glabrata (Gunung Katopasa, Sulawesi) (N_glab_KatG) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes glandulifera x (boschiana x veitchii) (Nx_glX(boschXvei)) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes glandulifera x (lowii x truncata) (Nx_glX(lowXtrunc)) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes gymnamphora (Gunung Singgalang) (N_gym_S) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes gymnamphora (Java) (N_gymJ) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes gymnamphora (Java) x dubia (Nx_gjXdub) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes hamata (Gunung Lumut, Sulawesi) (N_ham) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes hamata x campanulata (Nx_hamXcamp) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes hamata x edwardsiana (Nx_hamXed) 120,00 EUR

Nepenthes hamata x veitchii (Nx_hamXvei) 40,00 EUR

Nepenthes hamiguitanensis (Mt. Hamiguitan) (N_ham) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes hispida (Borneo) (N_hisp) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes inermis (Gunung Gadut, Sumatra) (N_inerm) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes jacquelinae (West Sumatra) (N_jaq) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes jamban x flava (Nx_jambXflav) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes khasiana (India) (CITES) (N_khas) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes klossii (Wissel Lakes, Irian Jaya) (N_kloss) 150,00 EUR

Nepenthes lamii (Doorman's Top) (N_lam_Dor) 80,00 EUR

Nepenthes lavicola (Telong) (N_lav) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes leonardoi (Palawan) (N_leo) 40,00 EUR

Nepenthes lowii (Batu Lawi, Borneo) (N_low_BL) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes lowii (Gunung Murud, Borneo) (N_low_mur) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes lowii (Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo) (N_low_trus) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes macfarlanei (Genting Highlands, Peninsul (mac) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes macrophylla (Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo) (N_macro) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes mantalingajanensis (Mt. Mantalingajan) (N_mant) 25,00 EUR

Nepenthes maxima (G. Lumut,Sulawesi) (N_maxSul_eyalt) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes micramphora (Mt. Hamiguitan) (N_micra) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes mikei (N_mik) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes mollis (was N. hurrelliana) (Borneo) (N_moll_hrl) 60,00 EUR

Nepenthes monticola (Doormans Top, Irian Jaya) (N_mont) 100,00 EUR

Nepenthes muluensis (Gunung Mulu, Borneo) (N_mul) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes murudensis (Gunung Murud, Borneo) (N_mur) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes nebularum (Mt. Mayo) (N_nebu) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes nigra (Gunung Katopasa) (n_nig_K) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes palawanensis (Palawan) (N_pal) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes pitopangii ("Ivory Colored Form") (N_pito_SDL) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes platychila (Borneo) (N_plat) 35,00 EUR

Nepenthes platychila x boschiana (Nx_platyXbosch) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes platychila x lowii (Nx_platyXlow) 40,00 EUR

Nepenthes platychila x mira (Nx_platyXmir) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes platychila x mollis (Nx_platyXmoll) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes platychila x vogelii (Nx_platyXvog) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes pulchra (Mindanao, Philippines) (N_pulch) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes rajah (Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo) (CITES) (N_raj_kin) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes rajah (Tam., Borneo) (CITES) (N_raj_T) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes rajah x (lowii x veitchii) (Nx_rajX(lowXvei)) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes rajah x eymae (Nx_rajXey) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes robcantleyi x mollis (Nx_rcXmoll) 50,00 EUR

Nepenthes spathulata (N_spat) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes spec "Red Hairy Hamata" (="RHH") (N_RHH) 120,00 EUR

Nepenthes spec Anipahan (Palawan) (N_sp_Anip) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes spec. "Red Hairy Hamata / RHH" x flava (Nx_rhhXflav) 25,00 EUR

Nepenthes spec. "Tawarensis" (N_sp_taw) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes spec. (Kemiri) (N_sp_kem) 12,00 EUR

Nepenthes spectabilis (Gunung Bandahara, Sumatra) (N_spect_BH) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes spectabilis x veitchii Candy (Nx_chanXpet) 75,00 EUR

Nepenthes talangensis (Gunung Talang, Sumatra) (N_tlg) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes tenax (Australia) (N_tenx) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes tentaculata (Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo) (N_tent_Trus) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes tenuis (West Sumatra) (N_ten) 25,00 EUR

Nepenthes tenuis x dubia (Nx_tenXdub) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes truncata (highland - reddish leaves) (N_truncr) 25,00 EUR

Nepenthes truncata (Mindanao, Philippines) (N_trunc) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes truncata x khasiana (Nx_truncXkhas) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes truncata x ramispina (Nx_truncXram) 35,00 EUR

Nepenthes undulatifolia x hamata (Nx_uXh) 30,00 EUR

Nepenthes veitchii (Batu Lawi, Borneo) (N_vei_high) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes veitchii x boschiana (Nx_vXbosch) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes veitchii x edwardsiana (Nx_veiXed) 75,00 EUR

Nepenthes veitchii x lowii (Nx_veiXlow) 40,00 EUR

Nepenthes ventricosa x inermis (Nx_vXi) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes ventricosa x mapuluensis (Nx_vXmap) 15,00 EUR

Nepenthes ventricosa x talangensis (Nx_vXtlg) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes vieillardii (New Caledonia) (vieill) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes vogelii (Borneo) (N_vog) 40,00 EUR

Nepenthes vogelii x talangensis (Nx_vogXtlg) 20,00 EUR

Nepenthes x Trusmadiensis (G. Trusmadi, Borneo) (Nx_trus) 60,00 EUR

Nepenthes xiphioides (Toba Region, Sumatra) (N_xip) 10,00 EUR

Nepenthes zakriana (was N. fusca) (Tanbunan Rd) (N_zak_fusc_TR) 10,00 EUR

Squamellaria imberbis (Vanua Levu, Fiji) (Sq_imb) 50,00 EUR

Squamellaria major (Taveuni, Fiji) (Sq_maj) 50,00 EUR