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Ant Plants - Beginners set 2 - 6 Hydnophytums

6 different Hydnophytums:

1 Hydnophytum puffii
1 Hydnophytum spec Malaysia (small, nice!)
1 Hydnophytum simplex
1 Hydnophytum spec. (Lots of roots, upright caudex, OroProvince, McLaren Harbor, PNG)
1 Hydnophytum spec. (Philippines, Central Luzon)
1 Hydnophytum spec. (Philippines, very flat caudex)


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6 different easy lowland Ant plants:

2 Ant Ferns: Lecanopteris pumila and Lecanopteris crustacea
2 Hydnophytums: Hydnophytum spec. (Malaysia, small), Hydnophytum puffii
2 Myrmecodias: Myrmecodia spec. (Kutubu, PNG, pink berries), Myrmecodia spec. (Irian Jaya, formerlyy sold as cf. jobiensis)